Zendikar Rising SATURDAY Pre-Release

Zendikar Rising SATURDAY Pre-Release

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Atlantic Games, Saturday 19th September, 3.30pm

Please note for coronavirus safety reasons this is a strictly pre-booked event with limited numbers. Players will not be able to book after 3.30pm on the day. 

Your first opportunity to play with MTG's epic new set- Zendikar Rising. Pre-Release is a fun, casual event for new players and experienced players alike to take a new set for a spin. New to the game and not sure about rules? Worry not! Our staff and friendly locals will be on hand to help you out. Delicious, hot food will be available for any peckish mages.

Format: Sealed. Each player receives a pre-release kit containing 6 boosters, a spindown dice and a promo card. The players then construct a 40 card deck using cards from their kit.

Rounds: Four 50-minute rounds. Deck construction starts at 4, please arrive 15 minutes ahead so the event starts on time.

Prizes: 1.5 boosters in the prize pool per person. Each player receives one booster and extra boosters are distributed among top players.

Price: £25. Or take advantage of our special offers for 3 and 4 events!

Don't forget your raffle tickets for the chance to win an entire booster box of Zendikar Rising!

1. Face coverings must be worn at all times in-store by law.
2. You'll be asked to sanitize your hands when entering the store.
3. We have two gaming areas, please do not enter the gaming area in which you’re not playing a game.
4. While in gaming areas, we ask you to observe social distancing and stick to your table. Only leave your table to exit the room and please do not mingle with others or clump into groups.
5. Please bring your own dice, counters and accessories. Do not touch each other's cards, cut decks or shake hands at the end of games.
6. By buying a ticket and attending the event, you are accepting that despite all possible safety precautions taken by Atlantic Games, there is still inherent risk in attending public events at this time. We do not encourage you to attend if you are considered at-risk