YuGiOh Back to Duels Locals

YuGiOh Back to Duels Locals

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3pm-6pm Mystic Games, Witney

Due to current COVID restriction we are putting the back to duel prizes on hold, events are still happening casually in pods of maximum 6 people.

Starting in September we’ll be running Back to Duel events, every Saturday (except the 19th, when we'll take a week off) will be the same as normal locals with the same prizes, but every time you play you’ll win points in a league. After 4 events, the people with the most points will win:

  • 1st Place – 1 Back to Duel Game Mat + Field Center Card
  • 2nd Place – 1 Back to Duel Mini Mat + Field Center Card
  • 3rd – 8th Place – 1 Back to Duel Field Center Card

How do the points work?

Each week last place will win 1 point, second to last will get 2 points. So if you win a 10 person event, you’ll get 10 points! The more duelists, the more points are available.


-After buying please send your konami number either to our Facebook page or to info@mysticgames.co.uk

-These are strictly pre-booked event limited to 16 players. First come, first served.

- Players are required to follow a number of Covid safety regulations. These include wearing a face covering while playing, sanitizing hands upon entry and maintaining social distancing. Additionally, for card games, please do not handle each other's cards, counters or dice, or trade cards. Unsafe behavior may result in you being asked to leave.