Two-Headed Giant Commander 15/03

Two-Headed Giant Commander 15/03

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Two Heads are better than One!
2HG adds a fun twist to classic commander. Partner up with a buddy and work together to defeat another team. Choose your partner before the event and brew some synergistic decks!

Decks: All normal bans apply. Deckslists must follow a modified unified system- the team as a whole may only have 1 copy of a spell between the decks, but each deck can have a copy of the same land. Example: Sam and Joe can both have a copy of Hallowed Fountain in their deck, but only one of them can have a copy of Wrath of God,

Format: Starting life total is 60 (15 poison to eliminate a team). Matches are swiss paired with 1 hour per round and 3 additional end steps if time is reached.

Prizes: 3 boosters in the prize pool per team. Each player receives a booster for attending with additional boosters distributed among the top teams.

Entry: £12 per team