TT combat Demo Day

TT combat Demo Day

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The year is 1795, A great Rent has torn open reality and sunk most of Europe beneath the waves. Only one place stands untouched by the calamity: Venice.

By day the city bustles, the Queen of the Adriatic taking pride of place once again as the West's capital of trade. However, by night Venice takes on a darker persona, both figuratively and literally masking itself. Gangs stalk the canals looking for blood, the clandestine secret societies making themselves known, fighting to carve out their own territories.

But more sinister still, the Rent in the Sky has opened the path for otherworldly phenomena. Magic spills out from a world beyond the veil, bringing with it creatures devoted to ancient deities- beings who look on the burgeoning Venetian empire and smile at the madness unfolding.


RUMBLESLAM is a fast paced fantasy wrestling game for two or more players. With the lights up, the ropes tightened, and the crowd cheering, RUMBLESLAM wrestlers step into the ring to brawl, grapple, leap from turnbuckles, showboat, and bounce around the ring. Throwing the opponents out of the ring is the aim of the game, with no small amount of black eyes for good measure!