Lock Down Model Painting Competition
Lock Down Model Painting Competition

Lock Down Model Painting Competition

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Lock Down Painting Competition

Start date: 1st March

End Date: 18th April

Entry to this Competition is £10 With the top 3 scoring entries winning prizes.

1st place - £60 Store Credit, Bragging rights

2nd place - £40 Store Credit

3th Place - £25 Store Credit

Random Prize - £25 Store Credit


The Rules:
1- You may choose any model that uses a standard 25,32mm or 40mm base.

2- This cannot be a model you have already painted.

3- Finished models have to be handed in before 19th April, after this date will not be taken into consideration. Hand in at either Mystic Games Witney or Atlantic Games Stroud!

4- Prizes will be judged/announced on Thursday 19th April

Models will be scored based on: 
1. Originality (How unique your model is, so we don't end up with 50 space marines )
2. Conversion (How much you've changed your model from the base kit, eg; Pose changes, kit bashing etc)
3. Basing (How well the base looks and adds to the overall model, this can be in diorama form etc)
4. Technical skill (How well you've painted the model, color blending, neatness etc)
5. Freehand (Taking your painting to the next level by painting something without a guide, eg; A design on a cloak, a banner etc)
6. Process diary (Writing up a step by step of how you made your model, including building, printing etc)

You can earn a maximum of 5 points for each category for a maximum of 30 points