DBS Series 8 Store Championship

DBS Series 8 Store Championship

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£15 Entry

Where: Mystic Games

When: 19th January 2020

Space's are limited to 16 so we suggest pre registering early.

*3/4 Round Swiss*
50 Card Constructed - 1 Leader :- 15 Card Sideboard (No leaders in Sideboards)

Booster packs will be added as per player sign up at an average of 3 packs per player.
1st place could win a box on top of the existing prizes! (Min allocations 12)
These boosters will be allocated in a top heavy format.

Tournament Outline:
Each participant receives: -Token pack x1 (6 pcs per pack) -Deck Separator x1 (4 pieces per 1 set)

Top Player receives:
* 1 Round Bye at a Regional Championship event in 2020
* Token Packs x2
* Storage Box x1

Important Note: A 1 Round Bye is awarded for every 8 players that enter a Store Championship event. If 16 players participate, byes will be awarded to the top two players after Swiss rounds have completed. Byes won by players do not accumulate, and are only valid at one Regional Championship event of the player’s choosing. Once a Bye has been redeemed and used, it expires, and a new one must be won at a subsequent Store Championship event. Byes do not pass down to the next player if a player already has a bye.

11:30-12:00 reg
4-8 players: 3 matches
9-16 players: 4 matches

The allotted time per match is 60 minutes.

Players are awarded points based on the outcome of each match.
Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points
Bye: 3 Points

This is a competitive event; so please be aware of the floor rules. No take backs on misplays, remember you life, and if in doubt call a Judge.
More info on Prize support can be found here: