Cities of Death: Badlanding Besieged

Cities of Death: Badlanding Besieged

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A grim reckoning has befallen the world of Badlanding. Beset on all sides by alien hordes, only one last bastion of resistance remains- the Imperial capital of Kruggerport. As the desperate defenders rally, elusive alien agents pursue their agendas. while others sate their hunger for blood and loot. Victory is far from certain for anyone, the only certainty is every inch of progress into Kruggerport will be bitterly paid for.

Sign up to Atlantic's immersive 1 day, 40k narrative event before the 14th March. Players will create custom characters that will be written into the story, receive briefings on the story and determine the fate of Kruggerport.

Armies: 750 points. Forge world models allowed. Players will create up to 2 custom characters- 1 warlord and 1 secondary character. See rules pack for full details.

Format: Players will be put into teams and play 2 games each. Each game will change the outcome of the story. Games will use all standard cities of death rules from Chapter Approved 2018, including special stratagems. See rules pack for full details.

Link to rules pack:

The Lore of Badlanding:

Prizes: Awards for Best Painted and Best Character Back Story