Chronicles of Athiok Session Ticket (Atlantic Games, Stroud)

Chronicles of Athiok Session Ticket (Atlantic Games, Stroud)

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Welcome to Chronicles of Athiok! 

Is your latest Dungeons and Dragons character ready for an adventure? Want to quest in a unique world, make new friends and join an evolving campaign with active consequences for your actions? 

Join us for our new instore campaign built and maintained by our Dungeon Master Council!  

If you need to cancel or transfer your ticket to a different session you will need to let us know with one week's notice so that we can fill your space.

All bookings or cancellations for Chronicles of Athiok must be requested via 

We cannot guarantee that you will be playing with the same group each session, and you may get a different Dungeon Master each session. Our players have a varied amount of experience and are all different ages, Chronicles of Athiok is designed to be enjoyed as a community and so we will always work to include everyone. We expect all our players to uphold this community spirit! 



  1. Face coverings must be worn at all times in-store by law.
  2. You'll be asked to sanitize your hands when entering the store.
  3. We have two gaming areas, please do not enter the gaming area in which you’re not playing a game. 
  4. While in gaming areas, we ask you to observe social distancing and stick to your table. Only leave the table to exit the room and please do not mingle with others or clump into groups.
  5. Please bring your own dice, and accessories.
  6. By buying a ticket and attending the event, you are accepting that despite all possible safety precautions taken by Atlantic Games, there is still inherent risk in attending public events at this time. We do not encourage you to attend if you are considered at-risk.