Stroud X-Wing Extended Tournament 26/09

Stroud X-Wing Extended Tournament 26/09

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Following on from last month's fantastic tournament, return to Atlantic for a day of daring manoeuvres and lucky shots as you field your squadron against opposing forces over 4 rounds.

Entry: £7.50. Ticket link above.
Time: 10:30 registration. First round will be drawn at 11 AM. 
Available Spaces: 16
Extended Format: All X-Wing ships are playable
Points: 200

Prizes will be from FFG tournament kits and the winner receives free entry to the next tournament! Space is limited so please register in advance! 
All players are expected to have everything they need to field their squadrons. This includes ship models, bases, ship and upgrade cards (no proxies), range rulers and movement templates, dice, a set of asteroids, a complete damage deck, and any tokens your squadron will need.

At Atlantic, we’re taking everybody’s safety seriously. Some things to consider
1. Face coverings must be worn at all times in-store by law.
2. You'll be asked to sanitize your hands when entering the store.
3. We have two gaming areas, please do not enter the gaming area in which you’re not playing a game.
4. While in gaming areas, we ask you to observe social distancing and stick to your table. Only leave your table to exit the room and please do not mingle with others or clump into groups.
5. Please bring your own dice, tape measures and accessories and avoid touching each other's models and scenery.
6. Mats will be sanitized between rounds.
7. By buying a ticket and attending the event, you are accepting that despite all possible safety precautions taken by Atlantic Games, there is still inherent risk in attending public events at this time. We do not encourage you to attend if you are considered at-risk.